E-Sentinel Technologies, Inc. is now offering you a our 2013 package of surveillance system for security and protection for you and for those people around you that you loved most especially your family. Criminal, intruder, gatecrasher and the like will be monitored and caught thru the help of CCTV Surveillance Camera despite of our busy schedule.

Here is our best price CCTV and Digital Video Recorder(DVR) packages

1. AVTECH 2 Camera package

AVTECH 2 Camera package

2. AVTECH 4 Camera package

AVTECH 4 Camera package

3. 2 Camera package

2 Camera package

4. 4 Camera package

4 Camera package

With our CCTV Packages you can save almost 50% and the good thing is you can Do It Yourself without any hassle and simple as it can be. With these packages you can now monitor your home, office and business even you are planning to spend your holidays out of town or out of the country with peace of mind. You can also view it thru mobile phones such as iphone, blackberry, Android, Symbian, windows or other gadgets such as tablet or laptop. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has a built in package Software called Video Viewer where you can install it in your PC or laptop to see the live view streaming or we called it remote viewing of what is really happening in the site or area where the CCTV cameras installed or located at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE as you wanted.

So GET this offer now! Take advantage of these packages because E-Sentinel Technologies, Inc. has more to offer. When you avail as early as you can, we will give you a 4GB USB for our Camera Package for FREE.

Hurry now! While stocks last.